Thursday, June 27, 2013

Racing Against Time

Dear Friends,

Yes, I am writing about this again. Yes, this time I am pleading.

This little one is aging out in less than one year. 10 months to be exact. 10 months.

We desperately want him to be adopted. He desperately needs a family.

I recently read that the average life-span of a aged-out child in China is 10 years from the time they age out. Ten years. We cannot let this happen to this boy. We cannot. It is unjust. It is wrong.

Please consider, seriously, adopting this boy. Yes, you. Do not let finances deter you. This is a child's life we are talking about. Finances will come. God provides. Do not let a feeling of ineptness deter you. This is a child's life. God will enable you.

Please, please get the word out about this boy! Please help us find a family to adopt him!

And please pray! This is a race against time. God alone can send a family for this child.

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